Deploying high performance green energy infrastructure


When it comes to solar solutions for your business, what's there to think about?


Quite a lot, actually. You need to consider things like:



Whether you're a solar solutions novice or a well informed solar advocate, CCGI can answer your questions. At CCGI, we believe that education is power, so we take you through the process from beginning to end. Contact us. We'll help you determine whether going green is a good idea for your business. And we'll tell you what we think without the hard sell. 


CCGI is proud to announce our flagship solar energy project in Pennsylvania: 

  - Joshua House, a Haverstick-Borthwick office building, went live on April 11, 2012.

  - Check out photos of the solar array being installed on this historic building.

  - See the solar array on the roof of Joshua House.

  - See the solar array power Joshua House in real time.